About The Club

Organizationally, the Club is managed by a Board of Directors elected by the membership, and a general manager employed by the Board of Directors.

The Club has a staff consisting of administrative, landscaping and maintenance employees, as well as a restaurant Chef and dining staff.

The Club operates similar to a local municipality which includes well houses that are health department monitored, a wastewater treatment facility, and garbage and trash removal services that includes recycling. Landscaping and maintenance services are provided for the common elements and to members who require those services on a fee for service basis.

Safety Harbor Club supports member rentals subject to reasonable rules and regulations which change from time to time as the community evolves.

There are 87 residential units within Safety Harbor Club consisting of 33 town-homes, 42 single family residences, and 12 vacant lots.

Memberships within the Club are known as “A” memberships. There are 41 additional memberships, known as “C” memberships owned by individuals with homes on North Captiva, outside Safety Harbor Club’s boundaries, who enjoy the benefits of the Safety Harbor Club amenities.

Private Access
Club House